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Brenda “Honey B” Robinson an Ambassador for the Funk since she first heard Bootsy’s “Player of the Year” album in 1978.  From that point on “Honey B” never missed a P-Funkconcert anywhere within the Washington, D.C. region and often traveled to other cities to get her Funk on! Brenda is known for organizing group sales and meetup groups to bring her own Funk Mob of friends to the shows.

Brenda worked and help organize The Funk Parade, an annual event that brings local and national artists together for a day of Funk on the U Street corridor in Washington, D.C.
In 2012 Brenda became General Manager and Media Relations director for P-Funk Radio.Com, an online radio station dedicated solely for the music of the P-Funk empire.


In 2016, Brenda and three other colleagues founded The Chocolate City Alliance, the four of them have produced and promoted the annual “Funkateers Ball” where Funkateers from around the world gather for a weekend of Funk fellowship with local and national recording Funk artists. Bootsy served as host for Funkateers Ball #3 Brenda “Honey B” Robinson, an Ambassador for the Funk!

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Dj ing, Pa Rental company, Radio Promote P Funk and Funk, now HVAC (air conditioning business) Collector of P Funk and Funk Lp, CD "s.and we continue to promote P Funk all over the world. 
P Funk in DNA.
We have also here House of Funk, But our Big Brother Bootsy rename it in FUNKY BOOT-CAVE !.
You can use all photos and videos and from my profile too.
Big Respect to you and Bootsy
. Greetings from all Macedonian Funkateers


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Larry Verne Jones | Club Funkateers Amabassadors President

Grew up In the 60s and 70s always listening to Motown, then Parliament Funkadelic, Bootsy's Rubberband, and associated with The P Funk. Went To Clairton High School near Pittsburgh. Graduated in 1979 and went Into the Armed Forces | US Army, served 6 Years.


Spent 22 years working at Stedefords Records in Pittsburgh; had my own section of the store.  Called it the "Black Hole" because of the P Funk music and merch I sold there. Also worked for US Airways for 5 years. I now work for Allied Security Services. Greatest achievements are the Army time, and my multiple black belts I have obtained training martial arts  for 47 years. I have collected a lot of P Funk records over the years, and have a I Call The Room P Haven' I Go There to Free My Mind I Love that Room.


Working for Bootzilla Productions has been a great experiences! I'm a man who strongly believes in the Lord & Positivity to the Max! My goals have always been the same: live life to the fullest, spread the Funk that is Love all around the world. This Is Larry Verne Jones, The Funkster!


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George Darden AKA "Dr G" is an accomplished Promoter and DJ originally from
Cincinnati, Ohio who currently resides in Columbia, MD. George received his BA
in Communications from Howard University and a Master’s in Project
Management from George Washington University.


"Dr G", known as George Mann at WHUR-FM in DC in the 70s, is a retired Verizon Project Manager. He is also the Co-founder of Chocolate City Alliance, an organization dedicated to the
preservation of "P-Funk"! In 2016, Chocolate City Alliance created the annual
Funkateers Ball as part of the official opening of the Museum of African American
History & Culture.



I'm deep funk lover of funky music hailing from Motown -Detroit MI.

I have a deep music history background  in which I promote and call " Real Music" music with a purpose for the past and next generation of music lovers who wish to keep the appreciation and preservation of "funky" music included

In My Personal Opinion We as a whole need The Funk more than ever!




Keith Jackson aka JTRP is the founder, CEO, program director as well as an announcer for P-Funk Radio.Com. Keith created P-Funk Radio in September 2000 as simply his way of “Keeping The Funk Alive” as well as a platform for P-Funk artists to introduce their new music to Funkateers around the world.


The first five years P-Funk Radio was only broadcasting one night a week on Friday nights 10pm-2am broadcasting from his PlayPen Studios in Washington, D.C. In January 2006 P-Funk Radio began broadcasting 24 hours, 7 days a week with the evolution of new software that enabled the station to program the Funk by automation to keep the Funk flowing all the time, as well as the ability to do remote broadcast from concerts and special events. The Friday night Live show still continues to air with JTRP. P-Funk Radio now has two other Live broadcast shows on Wednesday and Saturday nights two other fellow Funk DJ’s.

Keith began his passion for radio in 1975 after graduation from high school in D.C. He attended Georgetown School of Science and Arts in D.C and studied Radio and TV production. Upon completing his course of study, he began doing free lance mobile DJ work for private events, and later doing fulltime work at several nightclubs in the Washington D.C. area. In 1980, he began doing weekend announcer work at the same radio station his instructor from broadcasting school worked at. There he sharpen his skills and began doing production and commercial voice overs. Keith continues to do voice overs to this day.

As well as doing DJ-Announcer work, Keith’s other passion is event planning and concert promotions. Keith and his company The Gents of Metro have produced numerous large scale parties and events in the D.C area for over 30 years. Keith also had the opportunity to promote two concerts with George Clinton and the P-Funk Allstars in Dayton, Ohio and Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

As a lover of P-Funk music since 1973, and his love for radio, P-Funk Radio is the perfect marriage for Keith. One that he hopes will continue to blossom for years to come!




Rickey Vincent is a Berkeley, CA based educator, author, radio host and funkateer from the Rubber Band days.  

He is the author of the award winning book: “Funk: The Music, the People and the Rhythm of The One,” and his radio show has hosted the annual ALL BOOTSY SHOW for the past 34 years!






I was born and raised in Miami, Fl. I am married with 2 grown children and a grandson (who Bootsy once shared a picture of him holding plaques and trophies he won).

I am a Program Manager at a day program that serves people with developmental disabilities and has been in the field for 26 years (24 at present company). I like to read, play cards, play Backgammon, go out to eat, got to restaurants and concerts. I love participating in the music groups on Facebook,  especially the ones that pay tribute to Bootsy.  I'm an administrator in The Nappy Dugout music page, where we blast Bootsy every Monday!

 I have a You Tube channel that contains music by Bootsy, P Funk, and past and present members plus friends of the P. I also have a podcast that airs Sunday mornings at 10 AM EST on Spreaker. Com called Robin's Circle of P, where I play music by Bootsy and the music bybthe aforementioned. BI've been a Rubber Fan since 1978 and listened so much that my friends, family and kids are familiar with his music!

Thank you for making me a Club Funkateer Ambassador. You can color me honored.

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JAPAN DANCE DELIGHT vol18, 19, 20, & 22
Hook up Lock 2014年 winner
SOOS 台湾 1on1 Battle winner
KOD CREW Battle winner
POP LOCK BOX SOLO Battle Lock side winner
MAX PARTY in 台湾 LOCK SIDE winner
Lock CITY OSAKA winner
Hook up Lock 2016 winner


Japan Dance Delight vol23 FinalistFunkixx winnerDance @live カリスマックス 関東 winnerCash money winnerAll for lady by KOD Lock solo winnerDance @live final 2017 ベスト4Groove line 仙台 winnerGrooveline Final winnerLockflix winnerOldschoolnight vol20 ベスト4PaythecosttobeaBoss 3on3 winnerSuperFriday 3on3 winner
POP LOCK BOX SOLO Battle Lock side winner
MAX PARTY in 台湾 LOCK SIDE winner
Lock CITY OSAKA winner
Hook up Lock 2016 winner




Tony Wilson, a/k/a, “The Young James Brown.” Is incredibly talented actor and tribute performer as James Brown. The rare and unique relationship between Tony Wilson and James Brown, the Godfather of Soul, began in 1999, on the set of “Funk Blast,” a‬
. Mr. Brown was so impressed with Tony’s performance that he publicly named him “The Young James James Brown Signed A Doll with a special message which read “To Tony Wilson”# 2 “Keep on being me.”‬

In 2008 Tony Wilson and Bootsy Collins, James Brown’s legendary Bassist who is a world icon celebrity bass player performed a highly successful “World Tour” concert series honoring the god Father of Soul. Their performances were worldwide Sweden London Paris Amsterdam USA with sold out venues as well 80,000 fans at the Fuji rock festival in Japan Tony is a Appointed Ambassador Funkateer for Bootzilla Productions along with Pepperminte Patti ‬

2020  present The Godfather of Soul Band has been performing overseas, Worldwide‬




"Queen of Talkbox” WODDYFUNK

2012-The debut album " What's My Name?" climbed to number 1 in the R&B charts of Amazon Japan.

2015-She had also been a flack Ambassador for the James Brown movie "Get on Up" in Japan.

2016-She had also been a flack Ambassador for the movie "Mr. Dynamite: The Rise of James Brown" in Japan.

2020-The latest album " BEST " climbed to number 1 in the R&B/Soul charts of Amazon Japan.
The  Album " BEST " made the most famous charts in Japan that's called "ORICON"
The "ORICON" had a Japanese player of talkbox for the first time in history.

She continues to perform with FunkLegends on some US tours.




Bootsy was my idol since I was in high school.
So when I started producing TV programs, Bootsy was my first priority to feature and made my first contact.
It was a great honor to produce and direct Bootsy’s live in Japan DVD in 1993 and become Bootsy’s little brother since then.

Recently connected the jointact by Bootsy and Asterism, the Japanese three-piece band。


Funkateers 1


Audrey L Woods, a native Cincinnatian and an alumna of the University of Cincinnati, is a staunch supporter of the city's community outreach programs.  After earning a B.A. degree in Psychology from the University of Cincinnati, Audrey continued her education with training in mediation and conflict resolution.

Audrey retired after 30 years of service from the United States Postal Service where she worked as a Mail Processing Clerk and a Vehicle Operations Assistant.  During her tenure at the Postal Service she enjoyed representing employees as a shop steward for the American Postal Workers Union for 14 years.  She also served as a labor representative and Union President of the National Alliance Of Postal and Federal Employees.  The N.A.P.F.E.  is an industrial Union that files EEO cases appearing before Administrative Judges. Effectively addressing and resolving conflicts is a challenge with a sense of satisfaction as a reward.

Audrey sponsored a program entitled "A Celebration of Life" which honored the lives of those who died in the Mid-Atlantic slave trade.  Currently Audrey is co-founder of "The Woods Fund".  The fund was established at the University of Cincinnati supporting the programs and initiatives of the African American Cultural and Resource Center.  Audrey is an adult education teacher at Beth  Messiah Congregation, where she has belonged for over 30 years.  She is a Grooveminte Girl Ambassador and a life Member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.  Audrey believes that as you trust in the LORD, HE will answer your prayers and direct your path..



Mr. Christopher is the creator and host of, a website supporting funk, R&B, and soul. A professional vocalist, DJ, and voiceover artist, Mr. Christopher started Funkatopia as a means to help support artists promote their material and also to help spread the word about great music in genres that didn't have good representation.

Then, unexpectedly, Prince began actively posting about Funkatopia on his Twitter and Facebook accounts regularly which took a once passion project and turned it into a funk music juggernaut. Funkatopia then took it to a new level and started live broadcasts and an online radio station available via the Funkatopia website and FUNKEDUP app.

FUNKEDUP broadcasts worldwide and has been downloaded around the world in over two dozen countries. Mr. Christopher is proud to be a Club Funkateer Ambassador in order to keep bringing the funk to the world via the Power of the One!
Mr. Christopher
Funkatopia Website:
Twitter: @funkatopia
Download the FUNKEDUP app Today!
iTunes -
Android -


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